Friday, May 7, 2010

It Begins

Ok, attempt #2. Here it goes. I just finished my sophomore year at SVU. It was super fun. I made some pretty great friends. A lot of them are preparing to serve missions and have recieved their calls. Makes me happy. Which reminds me, I am sure some of you are wondering about a certain former romance that I had. Trevor Davies ring a bell? Well if you insist, then I will tell you. New paragraph time.

Ok Elder Davies is in Colorado Springs doing the Lord's work. Just to answer everyones question that I know you have aaaand NO, I am not waiting for him. No ties. Free as a bird. But we are friends and we write letters. Who doesn't like to get a letter?

I am currently looking for a job right now. I am still going to work at the YMCA as a camp counselor but I need a second job so I can have money and stuff. I need a new car. The old Juan isn't doing the trick. I don't want to make these long cause I can't. K, bye.